Silent Retreat Nov 2013

July 15th, 2013

The sangha will be hosting a silent retreat at Micklepage this November. For more details contact John or Bridget on the contacts page.

Horsham Sangha 2013

December 16th, 2012

We have decided not to continue regular meetings in 2013 as regular numbers were not enough to pay for the room we used. We will still hold Days of Mindfulness, local retreats and keep you updated with other events in the wider National Sangha. PLease feel free to contact John or Bridget if you want more information or support in your Practice.

Last meeting of 2012

December 16th, 2012

Our guided meditation led us into being aware of the expansiveness of our minds, and then bringing our attention to one aspect of our lives, gently holding it in the awareness of our meditation.

After walking and silent sitting we experimented with how we lose contact with life through labelling. A little bit of fun and a chance to look at everyday objects in a fresh way. We then shared Poems and finished with the 3 Bells.

Day of Mindfulness 18th November

November 11th, 2012

Our next meeting is a Day of Mindfulness. Please arrive from 9.30 for a 10am start, finishing at 4pm. Warm comfortable clothing and blankets will be needed for deep relaxation and something towards a shared vegetarian lunch. If you have any poems/songs/stories to share do bring them along for the sharing in the afternoon.

The day will include deep relaxation, guided and silent meditations, an exercise in emotional awareness and time to share together.

We ask for a contribution of £10 towards the costs of the day , with any contribution that is affordable most welcome. Please also feel free to come for just the morning or afternoon if that helps.

If you are able to come please let us know so we have an idea of numbers.

An evening of relaxation and Pema Chodron

November 11th, 2012

After checking in we settled into the guided relaxation meditation on the body. After walking meditation we simply sat in silence together.

The reading was from Pema Chodrons ‘Heart Felt advice for difficult times’, encouraging us to open ourselves to the learnings from difficult times and move towards these experiences as best we can. The Dharma discussion was on how we all resonated with this reading and that while not always able to fully meet ourselves in difficult times, we were more aware of this happening.

Completely perfect we are all works in progress. :0)

Next meeting 11th Nov, then Day of Mindfulness on 18th

November 1st, 2012

Dear Sangha, we next meet on the 11th November. :0)

Practicing with Impermanence

October 8th, 2012

The guided meditation on the 5 Contemplations reminded us of how all we have, even our loved ones, will fade away; that we need to know this to appreciate our lives today. After walking meditation we settled into the silence of just sitting.

With a cup of tea we looked at the variety of books availbale through the Sangha library, from Thay and also other teachers. Then in Dharma discussion  we explored our experiences of the meditations, and how walking meditation bought a sense of peace, and a sense of humour!! :0)

Fresh as a Flower

September 24th, 2012

The guided meditation watered seeds of freshness, stability and spaciousness using images from nature. After walking and silent sitting we read the 5 Mindfulness Trainings, guides to help us live more skillfully. Dharma discussion reflected on the ever changing experience of a meditation practice and how we need to be kind to ourselves, relaxing into it rather than trying too hard.

Our next meeting is Sunday 7th October.

Monkey Mind

September 3rd, 2012

After a summer break, our first meeting in the Phoenix Club, Horsham felt like a ‘coming home’; a private location, pretty garden and sympathetic space all very conducive to relaxed meditation. We began with a guided meditation dropping into the space, quiet and stillness in the body and mind, continued with a 10 minute walking meditation and followed on with a 25 minute silent sitting. The discussion centred around the simple teaching of Big Mind/Little Mind sometimes known as ‘Monkey Mind’, a marvelous metaphor for busy, chattering thoughts. Everyone could relate to that!

New Beginnings

August 27th, 2012
Dear Friends

As you are aware, the Horsham Sangha has recently had to change venues. Luckily, we have found a great place to meet in Horsham, very affordable and accessible, walkable from town but with lots of parking too. We will still meet on Sunday evenings with the first meeting on Sunday 2nd September. Please arrive by 6.45pm to settle for a 7.00 start, finishing at 9pm. As the venue already has an ongoing commitment, we will NOT meet on the last Sunday of each month. As there is a cost to hire out the room we are asking for a contribution of £3.00. Based on the teaching of Dana, or ‘generosity’, please do not let affordability stop you from coming. The full address is:

The Phoenix Club, c/o Forest Community School, Comptons Lane, Horsham, West Sussex, RH13 5NW UK.

Parking is through the left hand gates in front of the school. Please let us know when you are coming for the first time so we can show you the way in.
The Sangha can only hire this room and grow, if people come. Without the individual, there cannot be a group. While we have ticked along for the last 3 years, this has only been possible because a very few Sangha members have commited to regularly supporting and being part of the group. With a new start at the Phoenix club, approptiately named (!), we would like to encourage people to help build the Sangha by coming as regularly as possible. As a Sangha we have always felt people should be able to come when they can and there are always times when we have to honour other commitments. With this, our Practice of cultivating peace and happiness begins with taking care of ourselves, and then, when ready, extending this to others. Commiting to be being part of a Sangha is the first step on this path, knowing that coming to Sangha meetings not only supports your own Practice, but also of you fellow Practioners.  
with a deep bow
Bridget and John